About Classic Seal Coating and Paving.

Why Choose Us?

Classic Seal Coating and Paving. is a family owned and operated business that has been serving all of Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts for over 30 years. We offer asphalt maintenance to both commercial and residential properties. Our company is committed to your satisfaction. We proudly recognize and represent some of America’s largest companies, who entrust us year after year with their commercial property maintenance.

We determine your specific needs

We customize each batch of sealer to meet your pavement requirements. Our professional staff of pavement surveyors will determine what type of sand slurry mix is best for your present pavement condition. Without using sealer containing the proper combination and agitation of rubberized coat tar emulsion, silica sand and curing agents, pavement with different needs may not be properly protected by lower quality sealers that are commonly purchased at do-it-yourself outlets.

Sealer used by Classic Seal Coating and Paving.

  • Is thicker
  • Has a higher quality grade content
  • Contains additives that will
    speed drying, improve adhesion
    to the pavement surface, and
    extend the life of the seal coat.
  • Has the proper aggregate content
    to provide an abrasive surface.
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